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Make Your Victory in Candy Crush Sweet!

Candy CrushIt’s quite astonishing that Candy Crush gained a lot of fans. Well, though I’m just a newbie player, I can say that I’m already starting to show the early warning signs of a Candy-Crush-addict. In fact, no matter how tired I am from work, I make sure that I still have enough time to play this ‘sweet’ online game. Most of my weekends are being spoiled because I prefer to play this game than go out with my friends.

The craziest addiction sign that I have is that no matter how drunk I am, once I get home from the bar, I open my laptop, turn on my speakers (By the way I love the sounds of this game), access my Facebook account, and play the sweetest game I ever played. In reality, I’m not a gamer, but when I started playing Candy Crush, I just can’t stop. Playing it is my guilty pleasure! Before going to bed, I formulate techniques, which could help me snag a sweet victory in each and every level.

So here are some of my secrets in order to win in the sweetest game ever!

1. The Quest for the Patterns

Once you start making patterns in the game, you’ll figure out techniques, which could help you in making incredible patterns, effortlessly. As we often say, “practice makes perfect.” As time passes by, you’ll recognize that you have bunch of patterns in your nut shell. All you have to do is recognize each and every pattern that you discover, and repeat doing them. Patterns will surely help you beat the board, and will give your ticket and move on to the next level.

2. Do the BAB

You’re definitely wondering what BAB stands for. By the way, I made this abbreviation, and it simply means Begin At the Bottom. I can’t stop giggling when I made up this abbreviation. Anyway, based on my experience, crushing candies, which are at the bottom, is a way much better than starting on the top. The logic behind the BAB is simple. Candies that are on top will go down, projecting a torrent effect on the board, which can allow you to make more moves.

 3. Tasty Combos

Of course, most enthusiasts of this game want to wipe out the board. If you want to wipe out about ½ of the board, you can try out my secret combos, and these are “The Stripped, Sprinkle Combo,” which is the combination of stripped candy and sprinkle donut hole, and “The Wrapped, Stripped Combo,” which is the combination of stripped candy and wrapped candy. I usually use these combos if I’m having difficulties in getting into places, which are hard to reach. I discovered that these strategies work on levels that involve unreachable square.

4. The E.P.T

Well, E.P.T is another abbreviation that I made. E.P.T means Evaluate the Possible Threats. To get this done, learn to prioritize eradicating evil candy, in accordance to their threat levels.

The foregoing techniques are certain strategies to ensure sweet victory in playing this Facebook game.

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