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Ultimate Crushing Using Candy Crush Cheats

downloadGames, games, games… So what’s the deal about the different Facebook game apps? It seems these apps leave a nostalgic effect among the Facebook users. If you don’t play even one Facebook app game, it seems like you’re an outcast.

Nevertheless, the reactions projected have one meaning: Candy Crush is the most celebrated Facebook app game. In fact, Candy Crush even snagged ‘the most popular online game’ title from Farmville 2. Candy Crush manages to have about 50 million online players per month. Thanks to the geniuses behind King, Candy Crush is the hottest social game ever existed in the Web.

This game involves 350 levels, so as the level goes up; expect that the challenges become more and more challenging. Well, there are several Candy Crush players, who consider level 65 as their pain in the ass. So to anyone who’s still stuck in this level, you can do ultimate crushing through these amazing Candy Crush Cheats.


1. Enjoy Eating the Chocolates

Level 65 will never be complete without chocolates. If you’re enjoying eating them in reality, then do the same in Candy Crush. Eliminate the chocolates from the board as fast as you can, because once they take over, it’ll be more difficult to take them out. If you won’t eliminate the chocolates on this level, well, you’ll see them on the incoming levels.

2. Come up with Tactics

This cheat is above all other Candy Crush Cheats for level 65. You should design an excellent plan, especially for those stages wherein chocolates are involved. In order to eradicate the chocolates, as much as possible, players must do consecutive moves.

3. Don’t Panic! Remember, One Side at a Time

One of the common mistakes of Candy Crush players, once they reach level 65 is that they are all around the board. They crush every pattern they see. The best way to do it is focus on a particular side of the board. Through this way, you can formulate your next moves.

4. Never Underestimate the Power of the Stripe and Sprinkle Combo

Maybe you have tons of combos on your Notepad. However, several Candy Crush addicts agree that the combination of stripe and sprinkle is the most powerful. Yeeeha!

5. The Torrent Effect

There are some Candy Crush players, who pay more attention on looking for combos. What will you do if there’s no available combo on the board? Here’s what you should do, scout the board for vertical matches, which are at the bottom. Through the torrent effect, you can establish more moves.

6. Stripe is the Vibe of Level 65

Okay, so you’re looking for combos, and more combos. However, you tend to forget that lining the stripes can help you snag your sweet victory! Check out for stripes, which are in line with the side candies. Through this way, you can pick off those candies that are difficult to reach.

There is no special formula for level 65, but these simple cheats can help you.

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