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Top 5 Candy Crush Cheats

Top 5 Candy Crush Cheats

Remember that kid who racked up a few dollars shy of USD $5,000 on his unsuspecting father’s credit card because of Candy Crush? Yes, that’s how much tempting those extra lives and boosters are. Now, you can also fork an astronomical amount on your credit card and be the next cautionary Candy Crush tale. Or you can save yourself the trouble of having to swipe your card and just follow these five simple Candy Crush cheats.

Work Your Way Up

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of players tend to forget this simple strategy as soon as they start playing Candy Crush. Matching candies at the bottom of the board will instantly send candies at the top to drop like rain and hopefully, if luck is on your side, create a lot of combinations and special candies from a single move. So the next time you find yourself with limited moves, say a Hail Mary, and start combining candies at the bottom.

Are You Ready for the Candy Crush Jelly?

For anyone who has experienced the mockery of that last corner jelly that has miraculously survived all candy combos and simply refuses to be cleared, then this cheat should be on top of your Candy Crush cheats list. Instead of being a swipe-happy Candy Crush player, focus on clearing the corner jellies first. This is because it’s harder to “direct” candies to the edge of the board rather than at the middle during gameplay. Hence, fewer combinations happen in the corners, therefore much harder to eliminate those stubborn jellies.

Striped for Success

By combining four candies of the same kind, you get striped candies. These candies are one of the special combination candies you can get in Candy Crush. Once you get a striped candy, you have two options: Combine it with two or more other candies of the same type (you can check the different kinds of candies here) or combine it with other special candies. But before you do, take note of the direction of the stripes on the candy as this determines the direction in which they explode. Meaning horizontal stripes take out the candies lined up in the same direction.

No more waiting for more lives

In some respect, Candy Crush is like a roller coaster ride. It’s fun, fast, and you want to instantly do it again as soon you get off the ride still dizzy from screaming your head off. But the reality is that you have to fall back in line to experience the thrill of the ride again. But, no worries, the one big difference of Candy Crush from a roller coaster is that there’s a way to cut in line in Candy Crush: Simply adjust your phone’s or tablet’s clock. That’s right. Adjusting your device’s time will gain you extra lives for free.

Don’t like your odds? How about a free reshuffle?

If you haven’t caught on yet, Candy Crush is designed to make you crazy. Crazy enough to buy lives, boosts, and other extras just so you can clear a level. So every bit of help using Candy Crush cheats is a big help (if anything else, big savings). One trick is a free reshuffle. If you think that the candies dealt you don’t give you a chance at winning, then don’t waste those precious lives and reshuffle them. All you have to do is to do nothing. Don’t touch a single thing on the screen except for the options wheel to exit the game. Once you’re back on the map, just re-enter the game by clicking on the same level and you’ll see that the candies are no longer in the same place as they were when you exited the game.

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  • Kitty July 1, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I think I’ll be re-installing my Candy Crush app very soon. Thanks for the tips!

    • admin July 1, 2013 at 9:50 am

      Hi Kitty. :)

      Yes, please do. And stay tuned for more cheats on the blog. :)

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