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Sweet Tips in Finishing Hard Candy Levels in Candy Crush Saga

As the number of Candy Crush Saga players increases, more and more people are getting irritated with its level of difficulty especially those who are on high levels already. Due to the demand of the addiction of the players of this game, I give you 3 effective tips in acing all levels of this game. [...]

Realities Behind Candy Crush Hacks

The original goal of playing video games is to loosen up and enjoy your free time. But with the emergence of addictive yet very hard to finish games, the definition has been slowly redefined. To make gamers be lessened with worries, I have made steps to make Candy Crush Hacks work on all smartphones and [...]

No Candy Crush Game Cheats for a Sweeter Game

I got to admit that I can be possibly admitted anytime to rehabilitation because of addiction. Before you judge me for it, let me clarify that my addiction involves a fix of a videogame. After months of sleepless nights on devising a plan to rule the game, I want share with you my own Candy [...]

Ultimate Crushing Using Candy Crush Cheats

Games, games, games… So what’s the deal about the different Facebook game apps? It seems these apps leave a nostalgic effect among the Facebook users. If you don’t play even one Facebook app game, it seems like you’re an outcast. Nevertheless, the reactions projected have one meaning: Candy Crush is the most celebrated Facebook app [...]

Candy Crush Tips To Take Down Level 135

When you first played Candy Crush Saga, you’re like a child with sweet tooth, always excited to move from one level to another. However, as you continue your sweet journey, you can already feel stress, especially annoyance. In the past, you can finish every Candy Crush level right away, without wasting a single life. But [...]

Guides in Defeating Mind Crushing Levels without Candy Crush Cheats

With levels that are very hard to defeat, some people do resort into using cheats in this game. We collected different hints in finishing a level without using Candy Crush Cheats involving software overrides. Use striped candies strategically Do not waste striped candies as soon as you get them, try to plan out where they [...]

Make Your Life Easier at Level 97 through Candy Crush Saga Tips

Indeed, it is difficult to say that Candy Crush is the easiest online game to play. It’s like chess, wherein the players have to ponder upon every move that they’ll do. One wrong move can lead to failure. Well, this is what makes it so addicting. Among all its levels, level 97 is considered by [...]

Simplest Candy Crush Immortal Lives Cheat

I never really liked Facebook Games and Applications. I’ve hated, and even shamelessly ranted against the hundreds of Notifications I have received throughout the years. I felt bothered and disturbed whenever one of my friends would message me to ask for Poker Chips, or join them in Farmville, or Mafia Wars. One time I had [...]

Candy Crush Game Cheats: Dropping the Ingredients with Ease

There are several avid Candy Crush players, who will definitely agree, that among the most tedious stages in this game is the so-called Ingredient Drop Levels. Believe it or not, many get so frustrated once they reach such levels. The first Candy Crush stage that features the Ingredient Drop mechanism is level 11. Generally, Candy [...]

Beating the Candy Board through Effective Candy Crush Tips

Because of your addiction to Candy Crush, you want to make sure that you’ll surpass every level. This is the reason why you’re gathering Candy Crush tips and tricks, before you move on to the next level. Some of the tricks in Candy Crush will now be uncovered. Through these tips, rest assured that you’ll [...]