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Sweet Tips in Finishing Hard Candy Levels in Candy Crush Saga

imagesAs the number of Candy Crush Saga players increases, more and more people are getting irritated with its level of difficulty especially those who are on high levels already. Due to the demand of the addiction of the players of this game, I give you 3 effective tips in acing all levels of this game.

1.    Know and master all sweet combinations.

Knowing the combinations will get you on the highest level of this game as this is your weapon to defend and crush all the candies. We have different combinations like striped candies that you can make if you match 4 sweets in a row with the same colors. However, you can get vertically striped sweet if you make the four sweet lines by moving a sweet either up or down.  And horizontally striped sweet if the four sweet combination by moving a sweet sideways.

You can also make a Color Bomb by making a five sweet combination in a straight line. Making a wrapped candy or bomb is just easy by making five sweet combinations in a form of T or L. However, when you match the wrapped sweet with others it will explode in a 3 x 3 blocks of the candies around it.

Combining special sweets is also powerful such as combining Swap Striped and wrapped Candies you will get a mega sweet blast which cleans three lines vertically and three lines horizontally. For Stripe and color bomb you will blast lines and scores lots of points.  The Swap Wrapped with Spotted Candies combination can make the sweets of the same color removed from the board.

The last is Spotted and Spotted, the Swap color bomb with color bomb. This will remove all sweets from the board if you combine these two.

2.    Connect with your friends as they will give you gifts and lives.

Use gifts from your friends wisely especially the lives because you only have 5 lives and you need your friend to give you lives unless you are a super pro in this game. Use the gifts of your friends when you really need it because it can be a waste on your part if you use it when you still have many lives.

Wait for your lives to become at least 2 then you can use your friend’s gift. And always treasure and use wisely all the gifts of your friends as you will never know when you can use it for example the three extra moves. If you have more lives then keep first and don’t use this because you may need it for the future and more difficult levels.

3.    Collect some tricks.

You can collect information on some tricks that are helpful and use it while playing the game. Like this one trick, you can now paused timed levels without boosting by simply hitting the quit button and the timer will pause, giving you time to do some thinking.

These are just few but powerful and important tips that will help you reach more and more levels of difficulties playing Candy Crush Saga. But always keep in mind that this is just a game and don’t get too serious. Just love it, enjoy it and have fun!

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