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Simplest Candy Crush Immortal Lives Cheat

imagesI never really liked Facebook Games and Applications. I’ve hated, and even shamelessly ranted against the hundreds of Notifications I have received throughout the years. I felt bothered and disturbed whenever one of my friends would message me to ask for Poker Chips, or join them in Farmville, or Mafia Wars. One time I had a status bravely threatening to unfriend anyone who invites me on those Facebook Games (this was before you had the option to turn off Facebook Application Notifications).

Candy Crush was supposed to be no exception. Isn’t it just like any other puzzle game, where you group candies of the same color together? There have been hundreds of puzzle games just like it. I’ve resisted for awhile. But its fever has hit me and I am now an avid fan. I would crush candies whenever I can. While waiting for my appointment, waiting for my order, before going to sleep, I guess I’m a closeted Candy Crusher.

I was hooked on the game but I stuck to my principles. A Facebook game will not control my life and I will not be defeated. I will control how I play the game and won’t succumb to how the developers designed it. It will not make me ask for anything from my Facebook Friends. I will not waste my time scrolling down choosing people who I pray play the game and won’t get irritated when I ask them for lives and tickets.

I will be addicted, but according to my terms. I promise myself never to shell out money for extra lives and moves. I will play and stop whenever I want to, I will not wait. But most importantly, I will never, ever go to my friends list to ask lives from people. I don’t want to be known as the hater that eventually ate her own words.

I have never, paid for extra lives and moves. I never waited for 2.5 hours to get my 5 lives replenished. I can play Candy Crush straight for 5 hours without ever having to stop. I never asked for lives and tickets from my friends. And yet I’m at level 361. Here’s how I did it:

1. Go to Mobile Phone Settings;

2. Click on Date and Time;

3. Turn Off Automatic Date and Time (Network-Provided Time);

4. Turn Off Automatic Time Zone (Network-Provided Time Zone);

5. Play Candy Crush until all lives are used;

6. (When you have zero lives) Go to Mobile Phone Settings;

7. Click on Date and Time;

8. Manually adjust time, and move it 2.5 hours in advance. When waiting for a ticket, adjust it a day in advanced;

9. Get instant 5 lives; and

10. Just make sure that you have all 5 lives in candy crush before returning to the real date and time settings (optional, I never changed the date and time on my phone back to the real date).

It’s November 18, 2015 on my Phone but I’m happily crushing with no interruptions Me – 1, Facebook – 0.

Candy Crush Cheat

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