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Realities Behind Candy Crush Hacks

imagesThe original goal of playing video games is to loosen up and enjoy your free time. But with the emergence of addictive yet very hard to finish games, the definition has been slowly redefined. To make gamers be lessened with worries, I have made steps to make Candy Crush Hacks work on all smartphones and tablets be it jail-broken or not.

1. Download an iFile by using Cydia

2. Open iFile and find the folder of Candy Crush

3. Open “res” and all the files under “res”

It is important that before you hack the game, double click the home button and completely quit the game first or your phone will lag.

4. To get infinite lives

Find “tweakdata.prop”, open with text, find “lives.base.max ***”, change *** to 999 then your is now 999, find “lives.gain.interval ***, change *** to 0.

Find “ ***”, change *** to 0. Then you will get 999 lives forever.

5. To avoid the compulsory asking of 3 tickets from your friends

Find “collaboration_locks.xml”, open it by text and it shows “<lock lockLevel=”**”>.

For example, the first time requiring tickets is the LVL 36. Assume you have finished level 36 and it shows “<lock lockLevel=”36″>, change 36 to 35. Then, when you go back to the game, you will directly jump to lvl 37. Do the same thing for the rest of all locked levels.

5. To change the number of candies’ color

Find folder “levels”, you will see 275 files named “episode*level*”.

episode1level1 = level 1 (in game)

episode2level1 = level 11 (in game)

episode3level1 = level 21 (in game)

episode4level1 = level 36 (in game)

In the game, you will see level 1 to 275, but in the file, it’s arranged by episode.
Only episode 1 and episode 2 have 10 levels. Starting on episode 3, every episode has 15 levels.

6. To have inifite moves:

Using “episode1level1″ as an example, open it by text, the code of this game is written by normal english, it is easy to find what you want, like “movelimit”: 6 and change the number you want like 100 and you will get 100 moves in the game.

Warning though, do not change the moves over 200 or when the mission is completed, all the unused moves will be converted to fly fish or the bombs and your phone will be frozen.

7. To change number of candy’s color:

“numberofcolours”: 6. To make the game easier, you can change it to 4.

Warning however to not make the number of candy’s colors less than 4 since the falling candy with same color will explode forever and your phone will hang.

The ever addicting game can now be enjoyed without the hassle of begging for your friends’ help in giving out energy. You can now also bid farewell with the days when you get so frustrated that you feel so helpless when you cannot finish a stage for days. Let me give you a fair warning though that using these Candy Crush Hacks can make you even more addicted to the game.

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