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Nails of the Day: Candy Crush

Nails of the Day: Candy Crush-Inspired Nails

It’s no secret that Candy Crush has all of us wrapped in its sweet, little fingers. And even if it’s only recently that King has released official Candy Crush Saga merchandise, it seems that we’ve been surrounded by them forever. First, there were the cakes. Candy Crush-inspired cakes are all over the Internet since the game came out. Maybe because this is the only time players get to enjoy chocolate again. Now, the Internet has just exploded with the influx of Candy Crush-inspired nails. I guess what better way to lick off the chocolate from your fingers than with fingernails painted with, what else? Chocolate.

These Candy Crush-inspired nails from nailasurus is just the first one in the long line of Nails of the Day (NOTD) posts you’ll be seeing here in the future. I love that she chose to give her nails a matte coat when everyone else is going for that slick candy gloss.

Candy Crush Cheat

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