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Make Your Life Easier at Level 97 through Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga Level 97 TipsIndeed, it is difficult to say that Candy Crush is the easiest online game to play. It’s like chess, wherein the players have to ponder upon every move that they’ll do. One wrong move can lead to failure. Well, this is what makes it so addicting. Among all its levels, level 97 is considered by many as the trickiest.

Those who are stuck on this level even think that it is impossible to get out of its bars. Level 97 is part of the Salty Canyon episode. So what made some players think that level 97 is unbeatable? It’s because of the annoying fact that players should manage to earn 100,000 points, by just executing 25 moves. This is another insane fact about its saga.

The staggering number of bombs also makes Candy Crush difficult for the players to surpass this level. Don’t lose hope, because here are some tips, which could make your life at level 97 easier.

Beauty behind the Left Over Candies

If you noticed at the end of every level in its saga, Sugar Crush happens because of the left over candies. If you want higher points at level 97, create as much special candies as you can. The left over special candies can help you snag a score higher than 100,000.

Don’t Forget about your Bombs

Level 97 on it is tricky because it’s quite difficult to produce special candy combos, since players are more focused on making sure that the bombs won’t explode. In level 97, you can actually use the bombs to leverage your advantage. Once the bombs explode, you can earn several points, as much as 3060 points. This is the beauty behind keeping a lot of bombs in your candy board at level 97.

Ascertain the most Helpful

There are several addicts of this online game, especially those who managed to overcome level 97, who say that the most helpful candy combo is the striped candy and wrapped candy combo. Some say that sprinkle candy and sprinkle candy combo also works for level 97. These combos are the best for this tricky level, because they’re capable of clearing the whole candy board.

The Classic Stripes

Classic moves will always be helpful, no matter where you are in terms of level. Don’t hesitate to match the striped candies and the speckled special ball.

Stripes at the Center

It is a bit difficult but you should try to set the stripe candies at the center of the candy board, since they can maximize your score.


In order to have high score in level 97, try to incorporate the bombs to any formation you make.

Silly Tip but it Works

Level 97 is easier to play with in PC. However, make sure that you will connect your Facebook account with your iPhone, before you switch to your PC, so that you can track down your development.

Now, you can be more confident that you can surpass Level 97 this time around.

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