Sweet Tips in Finishing Hard Candy Levels in Candy Crush Saga

As the number of Candy Crush Saga players increases, more and more people are getting irritated with its level of difficulty especially those who are on high levels already. Due to the demand of the addiction of the players of this game, I give you 3 effective tips in acing all levels of this game. [...]

Candy Crush Tips To Take Down Level 135

When you first played Candy Crush Saga, you’re like a child with sweet tooth, always excited to move from one level to another. However, as you continue your sweet journey, you can already feel stress, especially annoyance. In the past, you can finish every Candy Crush level right away, without wasting a single life. But [...]

Make Your Life Easier at Level 97 through Candy Crush Saga Tips

Indeed, it is difficult to say that Candy Crush is the easiest online game to play. It’s like chess, wherein the players have to ponder upon every move that they’ll do. One wrong move can lead to failure. Well, this is what makes it so addicting. Among all its levels, level 97 is considered by [...]

Beating the Candy Board through Effective Candy Crush Tips

Because of your addiction to Candy Crush, you want to make sure that you’ll surpass every level. This is the reason why you’re gathering Candy Crush tips and tricks, before you move on to the next level. Some of the tricks in Candy Crush will now be uncovered. Through these tips, rest assured that you’ll [...]

Tasty Candy Crush Saga Secrets Right Before Your Very Eyes

There are a lot of game applications in Facebook, and even before, I never bothered trying any of them. And then there goes Candy Crush Saga. When it surfaced Facebook, I didn’t bother to play it right away, though I love the theme and colors. One day, I heard someone said, “Sweet!” After a few [...]

Candy Crush Keyboard

New Candy Crush Cheats

We all know that Candy Crush Saga (more popularly known as Candy Crush) has made King the king of mobile apps. It has come a long way from its humble Facebook game beginnings and is now venturing into Wall Street, official merchandise / collectibles deals, our desserts, and into everyone’s pockets. But if you don’t want [...]

Candy Crush Addiction

Confessions of A Candy Crush Addict

Dear Candy Crush Cheats, I’m trying to write this letter as fast as I can so I can get back to my game. Yes, I have to fit something as important as spilling my guts out in between games. I guess that just tells you how far down the rabbit hole (or should I say [...]

Candy Crush Candies

Know Your Candy Crush Candy

Unless you’ve been marooned on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere for the past months, then you’re probably one of the millions around the world who have swiped candies, hummed along to its sugary sweet background music, and cursed at jellies out loud (even in public) and have sworn never to touch chocolate [...]

Candy Crush Rehab

Are You A Candy Crush Addict?

Highly addictive. This is how most people describe King’s top mobile and cross-platform game Candy Crush. And as with most addictions, you are absolutely clueless as to how much of an addict you have become. That is until you are thousands of dollars in debt from swiping your credit card just to swipe candies. Or [...]

Candy Crush Confidential

Candy Crush Confidential: Game Secrets Revealed

It’s gameplay is simple: Swipe candies around, create candy combinations, and complete given tasks to clear the levels. Easy right? This is probably the reason why it has everyone hooked in its saccharine sweet grasp for hours. And by the time you’re reading this, there probably isn’t a person (unless they’ve been in some alternate [...]