Sweet Candy Crush Moments through Candy Crush Tips

It’s funny to hear people make childish jokes about Candy Crush. Some say, “Candy Crush is an ordinary puzzle game.” Okay, let’s say Candy Crush is indeed a puzzle game, wherein you have to look for matches. Though its concept is quite similar with gem-matching games, each player of Candy Crush will definitely agree that [...]

Candy Cash

No More Ads for Candy Crush

King’s Candy Crush Saga is now being hailed by many as the most downloaded, most popular, and most addictive mobile game - ever. This puts Candy Crush among widely-recognized games such as Plants Vs Zombies, Angry Birds, and FarmVille 2. In fact, Candy Crush has become so popular that its makers has stopped relying on advertising [...]

Candy Crush Restaurant

Candy Crush Restaurant

First there were Candy Crush-inspired cakes. Then Nails of the Day came along. Then the official Candy Crush Saga socks. There’s really no denying that Candy Crush has now become a pop icon. But how popular is Candy Crush really? Popular enough to have its own restaurant. Netizens in Malaysia spotted Restoran Candy Crush which [...]

Sugar Rush

Not as Sweet: Candy Crush Saga Rip-offs

The popular adage, ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery.’ couldn’t be any more apt than with King’s runaway hit Candy Crush Saga. The game has become so huge around the world, that it didn’t take long for other game developers to ride its coattails, so to speak. Here are a few games that’s like Candy [...]

Candy Crush Map

Candy Crush is Played 600 Million Times a Day on Mobile

For the New York Times to be writing an article about Candy Crush Saga just lets you know how much King’s wonder game has exploded. According to data by third-party analytical service, AppData, Candy Crush has 45 million monthly active users. Adding to those numbers, it’s played more than 600 million times each day on mobile [...]

Candy Crush Socks

Candy Crush Gets Official Merch

King, makers of the highly addictive, there-goes-hours-of-my-life-I-can’t-take-back, and the only game that will make you hate chocolates, Candy Crush Saga is coming up with its first licensed merchandise. After its reported IPO offering, Candy Crush is now expanding their brand even more with the official Candy Crush socks. Partnering with Happy Socks, King released two [...]

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush IPO is Looking Sweet on Wall Street

Right at this moment, more than half of the population of Hong Kong are playing King’s Candy Crush. In the United Kingdom an estimated 66-million people are already hooked. While 25-million Facebook gamers are already passing out ticket request faster than chocolate infect candies. And maybe most of them are using Candy Crush cheats. The [...]

Candy Crush The Movie

Candy Crush The Movie Trailer

Although Candy Crush is beating record after records and even preparing to enter Wall Street, it’s far off to be the next big screen hit. But this fake Candy Crush trailer made by YouTube star nigahiga which is making the rounds on the Internet, is giving all Candy Crush addicts a sugar rush.