Guides in Defeating Mind Crushing Levels without Candy Crush Cheats

With levels that are very hard to defeat, some people do resort into using cheats in this game. We collected different hints in finishing a level without using Candy Crush Cheats involving software overrides. Use striped candies strategically Do not waste striped candies as soon as you get them, try to plan out where they [...]

Simplest Candy Crush Immortal Lives Cheat

I never really liked Facebook Games and Applications. I’ve hated, and even shamelessly ranted against the hundreds of Notifications I have received throughout the years. I felt bothered and disturbed whenever one of my friends would message me to ask for Poker Chips, or join them in Farmville, or Mafia Wars. One time I had [...]

Candy Crush Game Cheats: Dropping the Ingredients with Ease

There are several avid Candy Crush players, who will definitely agree, that among the most tedious stages in this game is the so-called Ingredient Drop Levels. Believe it or not, many get so frustrated once they reach such levels. The first Candy Crush stage that features the Ingredient Drop mechanism is level 11. Generally, Candy [...]

Ultimate Crushing Using Candy Crush Cheats

Games, games, games… So what’s the deal about the different Facebook game apps? It seems these apps leave a nostalgic effect among the Facebook users. If you don’t play even one Facebook app game, it seems like you’re an outcast. Nevertheless, the reactions projected have one meaning: Candy Crush is the most celebrated Facebook app [...]

Make Your Victory in Candy Crush Sweet!

It’s quite astonishing that Candy Crush gained a lot of fans. Well, though I’m just a newbie player, I can say that I’m already starting to show the early warning signs of a Candy-Crush-addict. In fact, no matter how tired I am from work, I make sure that I still have enough time to play [...]

Candy Crush Keyboard

New Candy Crush Cheats

We all know that Candy Crush Saga (more popularly known as Candy Crush) has made King the king of mobile apps. It has come a long way from its humble Facebook game beginnings and is now venturing into Wall Street, official merchandise / collectibles deals, our desserts, and into everyone’s pockets. But if you don’t want [...]

Candy Crush Addiction

Confessions of A Candy Crush Addict

Dear Candy Crush Cheats, I’m trying to write this letter as fast as I can so I can get back to my game. Yes, I have to fit something as important as spilling my guts out in between games. I guess that just tells you how far down the rabbit hole (or should I say [...]

Candy Crush Candies

Know Your Candy Crush Candy

Unless you’ve been marooned on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere for the past months, then you’re probably one of the millions around the world who have swiped candies, hummed along to its sugary sweet background music, and cursed at jellies out loud (even in public) and have sworn never to touch chocolate [...]

Candy Crush Chocolates

Candy Crush Cheats: Crushing Those Chocolates

So you’ve been cruising along the sweet sugary board of Candy Crush, right? Crushing candy after candy with ease? That is until you hit Level 51 The Minty Meadow. And suddenly, candy doesn’t taste so sweet anymore. You start questioning why you even started playing this game. You’ve made it your mission to find whoever [...]

Candy Crush Rehab

Are You A Candy Crush Addict?

Highly addictive. This is how most people describe King’s top mobile and cross-platform game Candy Crush. And as with most addictions, you are absolutely clueless as to how much of an addict you have become. That is until you are thousands of dollars in debt from swiping your credit card just to swipe candies. Or [...]