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Candy Crush Tips To Take Down Level 135

imagesWhen you first played Candy Crush Saga, you’re like a child with sweet tooth, always excited to move from one level to another. However, as you continue your sweet journey, you can already feel stress, especially annoyance. In the past, you can finish every Candy Crush level right away, without wasting a single life. But it seems the higher levels succeeded in taking you down.

You certainly even tried to ask help from your Facebook friends. For many Candy Crush players, among the most nerve racking levels is Level 135. Level 135 is part of the Wafer Wharf, which is the 10th episode of Candy Crush. Some say that level 135 is the worst level, to the extent that they are stuck on that stage for about a month.

The primary target in level 135 is to amass all 6 wrapped candies, and eventually earn 10,000 points, by just doing 50 moves. Yes, this is totally insane, but you can beat the Candy Crush board on this level, if you use the proper strategies.

With these Candy Crush tips, you can certainly take down level 135.


In level 135, you should examine the candy board, before executing a move. Patience in this level is a must. Having 50 moves is a lot, so the most common mistake of players is do very move that they can think of, crush all the formations of candy that their eyes catch. Examining the candy board before every move will make it easier for you to anticipate where the candies will go.

Creating and Positioning Wrapped Candies

The wrapped candies are among the most reliable in the Candy Crush world. Therefore, you have to learn how to create, as well as position the wrapped candies. If it’s easy for you to develop wrapped candies through L-shaped moves, then learn how to do it using the T-shaped move. If you managed to form 2 wrapped candies, focus on putting them near each other, rather than developing multiple wrapped candies.

Sweet Advantage with Chocolate

The chocolates are similar with the jellies, because they have to be eliminated from the candy board. However, you can take advantage of it, since you can use this icon to avoid premature explosion of the wrapped candies. Chocolates don’t swallow special candies. Once you are done taking advantage of the chocolates, get rid of them by matching the candies, which are proximal to them.

The Chocolate Bombs

Chocolate bombs are quite powerful, because they can destroy the chocolate, which is near to the candy of similar color that it is being swapped with. If you want to get rid of as many colors as possible, chocolate bombs can help you. Through the chocolate bombs, you can form wrapped candies with the existing colors.

Take Advantage of the Sprinkle Balls

By having 5 consecutive sprinkle balls, you can eradicate the common color on the candy board.

Try these Candy Crush tips, and make your life much easier at level 135.

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