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Candy Crush Socks

Candy Crush Gets Official Merch

King, makers of the highly addictive, there-goes-hours-of-my-life-I-can’t-take-back, and the only game that will make you hate chocolates, Candy Crush Saga is coming up with its first licensed merchandise.

After its reported IPO offering, Candy Crush is now expanding their brand even more with the official Candy Crush socks. Partnering with Happy Socks, King released two limited edition Candy Crush-themed socks. The Candy Crush Polka socks take on the striped candy design while the Candy Crush Dots socks are reminiscent of those dreaded chocolates. Both socks are already available for pre-order at $12.00 each.

Candy Crush Saga has become nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon –a game that people can play and enjoy anywhere, any time. With that in mind, it’s only fitting that the first licensing deal is with Happy Socks, giving all those who love the game the chance to revel in the fun of Candy Crush Saga, literally right down to their toes.” said King Chief Executive, Riccardo Zacconi.

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  • Miko July 1, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Where are the merch available?

    • admin July 1, 2013 at 9:49 am

      Hi Miko. :)

      You can pre-order the merch through Happy Socks.

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