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No Candy Crush Game Cheats for a Sweeter Game

imagesI got to admit that I can be possibly admitted anytime to rehabilitation because of addiction. Before you judge me for it, let me clarify that my addiction involves a fix of a videogame. After months of sleepless nights on devising a plan to rule the game, I want share with you my own Candy Crush Game Cheats that assures easier stages without altering your gadget’s software.

1. Know When to Quit and Get a Life

It may be a free game since you not have to pay to download it, but you still have to spend a few dollars if you want to unleash power ups and other add-ons. Sometimes the use of availed power ups still does not guarantee a sure victory for a difficult level. However, if you are really itching to get to play the later and tougher levels, I can suggest that you should buy Lollipop Hammers. Save them for puzzles that can cause you a series of sleepless nights.

2. Save Power Candies for Super Combos

When you get a power candies, don’t use them right away. Using rainbow sprinkles, pink crusted doughnuts, jelly fishes, striped candies and wrapped candies with each other will result in a good combination to clearing a stage.

Getting two rainbow sprinkles together will result in big blasts that clear a large amount of sweets on your board. Mix other power candies and you’ll become familiar with the effects that work the best depending on the present candy board.

3. Use a Pair of Color Bombs

Combining two color bombs together is very effective. Players know that these combinations will take everything off the candy board and credits you with a lot of points.

4. The In-game Tips Must Not be Abused

If you are stuck staring at your screen for a few minutes, the game will recognize that you’re being inactive. It will give help by flashing potential good moves. These can be helpful at times but they are randomly generated and sometimes produce not so good results.

5. Blast Licorice and Locked Candies

Keep an eye on stages that has licorice and locked candies since the best way to clear them is by candy combos. Clearing these candy pieces should be your main goal since they eat up spaces.

6. Striped Candies are Important

They can clear out a row or column of all the sweets taking up space on your stage. Swiping these striped candies in a horizontal/vertical direction also throws on a few striped pieces of candy.

7. Vertical Moves Handle Nuts and Fruits

Some of the most difficult levels in it task players with lowering a few ingredients especially nuts and fruits. Plan your moves around getting these nuts and fruits in a vertical position so you’ll get as many vertical drops as you can.

8. Switch from Your Mobile Device, Play It on Your Computer to Save Lives

This online game operates on a system that depends heavily on the use of lives. Once you run out of them, you’ll be forced to buy more or beg your friends with social media messages asking for more. Once you run out of lives on your mobile device, go ahead and switch on over to the Facebook version. You’ll get a collection of new lives, so you’ll start anew and keep on playing.

9. Make Sure You Get All Three Stars

Some players are contented with two-stars but in order to get a proud score moment, you’ll have to pay attention to that star meter on the left side of any puzzle. Hit that green point limit and the all essential three-star limit will be reached. Aim for the three stars as much as you can because your final score reflects it.

Addiction to it can really affect lives so in order to make a happier life outside of the game follow my great Candy Crush Game Cheats.

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