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Candy Crush Game Cheats: Dropping the Ingredients with Ease

imagesThere are several avid Candy Crush players, who will definitely agree, that among the most tedious stages in this game is the so-called Ingredient Drop Levels. Believe it or not, many get so frustrated once they reach such levels. The first Candy Crush stage that features the Ingredient Drop mechanism is level 11. Generally, Candy Crush has 5 Ingredient Drop levels, and for many Candy Crush lovers, the hardest Ingredient Drop level is level 181.

All in all, the Candy Crush game has a total of 24% Ingredient Drop levels. At present trend, Ingredient Drop levels include 3 up to 4 ingredients, but during the earlier Candy Crush episodes, there were five ingredients, while there’s also a level, which involves 7 ingredients, and this is the Bubblegum Bridge. The objective of the Ingredient Drop levels is very easy to comprehend.

However, it doesn’t mean that such levels are easy to accomplish, though there are levels that are easy to deal with. In order to snag victory on the Ingredient Drop levels, the Candy Crush player must manage to drop at the bottom all the featured ingredients. If you don’t want to waste lives on such levels, or if you want to move on to the next stage immediately, consider these Candy Crush Game cheats, for the Ingredient Drop levels.

Drop Levels’ Candy Crush Game Cheats

Check Out the Ingredients

Evaluate the number of fruits or ingredients that need to be brought down at the bottom of the board. Typically, ingredients appear either on the top part or left side of the board and it can be a nut or fruit. All ingredients don’t come out at the first round. So, push down the first set, and you’ll see the rest.

Beating the Licorice Whorls

The Licorice Whorls typically come out at the later levels of Candy Crush Saga. Once you’re in these levels, you should get rid of the Licorice Whorls. Eliminating the Licorice Whorls will enable you to release the locked candies. The locked candies are very beneficial, since they can help the cherries to go out.

Don’t Waste the Special Candies

There are Candy Crush Saga players that sacrifice their special candies that they worked hard for. There’s no need to sacrifice the special candies, for the sake of dropping the ingredients at the bottom of the board. Take time to strategize.

Don’t let them go to the Left

As much as possible, once you reach the Ingredient Drop Levels, plan on how you will be able to avoid the ingredients or fruits from going to the left part of the candy board, especially if it has fewer tiles than the other rows. This Ingredient Drop Level strategy is considered to be among the simplest and best moves.

These cheats seem to be so simple, but if you analyze it, these will indeed help you to drop the ingredients, win a striped candy, and earn 3,000 for every piece. Go! Drop those ingredients!

Candy Crush Cheat

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