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New Candy Crush Cheats

We all know that Candy Crush Saga (more popularly known as Candy Crush) has made King the king of mobile apps. It has come a long way from its humble Facebook game beginnings and is now venturing into Wall Street, official merchandise / collectibles deals, our desserts, and into everyone’s pockets. But if you don’t want to spend a single dime or swipe your credit card, here are some new Candy Crush cheats to continue your Candy Crush saga.

Do not touch the candies – yet.

If you’re playing Candy Crush on mobile (whether a tablet, phablet, or smartphone), this cheat can be your Golden Ticket in winning every game. When you enter a level, check where the candies are situated first before even doing anything. Think of yourself as a chess master planning out every move first before even moving a single piece. If you think that the placement of the candies aren’t stacked in your favor, then hit that exit button and you’ll find yourself back on the Candy Crush board. Now, re-enter the same level and viola. The candies are now at different positions.  The best thing about this cheat is that you don’t use up lives in the process. (Note: This is one of those Candy Crush cheats that doesn’t work on time trials.)

Be A Candy Crush Immortal.

Downloading Candy Crush on your device is like basically telling King, “Here. Take my money. Take all of it.” As with most games, you are given a certain number of lives to complete the game. The more lives you have, the more chances of you clearing a level and going farther into the game. But, alas, those five measly lives will – sadly – sometimes only last you one level. It’s no big deal, you can get more lives if you want to – for a price. Or you can suffer the agony of staring at that countdown timer, waiting for more lives to come your way. In this case, you’ll be waiting for 30-minutes for one life, which, let’s face it, you’ll use up in less than a minute. So here are two Candy Crush cheats to gain immortality.

Put your friendships to the test.

Once, I got a “request” from a friend telling me that “if I’m a real friend” I will send her lives on Candy Crush. Yes, some people have already fallen off the Candy Crush wagon this badly. You just have to look at the memes on asking for lives to tell you how bad it has become. But, in all honesty, I didn’t think that a tiny pink ribbon on a level can make someone so happy. So just be a friend and give in.

Candy Crush x Cross-Platform Play = Endless Lives

Also known as Candy Crush cheats for the multi-device player. If you’re playing on your browser and you run out of lives, just switch to your mobile device. It’s like having 10 lives using this trick. You can keep on playing the game while your browser is regenerating lives. But why even wait, right? Just keep multiple tabs of Candy Crush on your browser open and move from one tab to another once you’ve gone through your lives on one. Pretty neat trick, huh?

Save those Striped Candies

One of the special candies that you’ll get in Candy Crush is the striped candy. You line up for candies of the same kind for you to get either a vertically striped candy or a horizontally striped candy. Using these candies strategically can give you major control in Candy Crush. Candies with vertical stripes will clear other candies in the column that it is in, while candies with horizontal stripes will crush the candies on the row that it is in.

Placing these striped candies in strategic locations, for example, next to other special candies such as Color Bombs and Wrapped Candies, will help you in getting those hard to reach, corner candies in jelly without wasting moves. You’ll appreciate this gem among Candy Crush cheats especially if you’re at levels where there are already chocolates.

Keep ingredients in the center.

In the previous Candy Crush cheats post, I already mentioned how difficult it is to clear jellies that are on the corner, which also goes for ingredients. Levels wherein you’re suppose to bring down the ingredients (for what, no one knows), try to veer them towards the center of the board rather than directing them on the corners. It’s easier to make combinations in the center rather than on the sides.

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