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Candy Crush Chocolates

Candy Crush Cheats: Crushing Those Chocolates

So you’ve been cruising along the sweet sugary board of Candy Crush, right? Crushing candy after candy with ease? That is until you hit Level 51 The Minty Meadow. And suddenly, candy doesn’t taste so sweet anymore. You start questioning why you even started playing this game. You’ve made it your mission to find whoever created this level in Candy Crush and make him sit through it (without using any Candy Crush cheats), so that he can feel your pain. Because now, you’re face-to-face with the nasty, (Okay, double nasty. But if we’re being honest, triple nasty.) evil and infectious chocolate candy bars.


There was a time, when it was safe to say that there’s absolutely no one in the world that doesn’t like chocolates. But of course, Candy Crush came along and ruined it for all of us. Who knew, that so much hate mixed with anger and frustration can be channeled by a tiny piece of sweet.

Candy Crush Chocolate Bars

You’ll first get a taste of these evil chocolates when you enter Level 51. If you think jellies are a something-that-rhymes-with-witch to get rid off, then wait until you get a taste of these chocolates. The drag about chocolates is that if you don’t clear it in a move, it goes right ahead and turns the candy next to it into a chocolate too. Because no candy can pass through a chocolate, can you imagine if the task is to bring ingredients down? I know.

Candy Crush Chocolate Fountain

In Level 156, Candy Crush revs up the chocolate ante with the Chocolate Fountain. It doesn’t drop down like other candies or get crushed by any special candy nor combination. A Chocolate Fountain cannot be cleared. Let me just say that again if you’re still in disbelief: It cannot be cleared. Not even all the Candy Crush cheats in the world can do anything about it. And if that as an obstacle isn’t enough, it creates more chocolates if you can’t clear the chocolate bars already on the board within two turns.


Before you swear chocolates off your sweet tooth list, take comfort that there are Candy Crush cheats to combat these chocolates. And to cheat the chocolates, you have to understand the chocolate first.

  • Chocolates don’t turn other candies into stubborn chocolates if you clear them on every move. So the trick is to plan your moves carefully.
  • It may seem like the real Candy Crush cheats are these chocolates, because it looks like they’re regenerating faster than you are making candy combinations. But the truth is, they are absolutely not. As mentioned before, chocolates remain chocolates unless your move doesn’t clear them. So take a breath, examine the board, and then make your move.
  • Make a mental note to create those glorious Candy Crush candy combinations. A big blast from wrapped candies or crushed by striped candies can be a huge help in conserving moves while clearing out those chocolates. A very difficult – but very cool – candy combo is getting two Candy Bombs together and just watch it zap every piece of candy and chocolate on the board. What a sight.
  • As said before, examining the board first can give you a huge advantage against chocolates in Candy Crush. So if you see a board and you don’t like your chances or would just like to jumpstart your game with a sure-win combination, try the “Do not touch the candies and hit the exit game quick” cheat. What you do is assess the board and if you’re not confident in it, don’t touch anything except for the exit button. Now, re-enter the game again and you’ll notice that the candies are shuffled differently.
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