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Beating the Candy Board through Effective Candy Crush Tips

candy_tipsBecause of your addiction to Candy Crush, you want to make sure that you’ll surpass every level. This is the reason why you’re gathering Candy Crush tips and tricks, before you move on to the next level. Some of the tricks in Candy Crush will now be uncovered. Through these tips, rest assured that you’ll beat the candy board.

You can consider these Candy Crush tips as a form of help from a fellow Candy Crush addict. Here are some of the best of the best moves, which you could use when playing Candy Crush, whether on iPhone or an Android phone.

• There are several Candy Crush addicts, who dive into the board, just after the level starts. This means that they start crushing every candy formation that they can spot on the board. Well, this Candy Crush practice is actually a no-no! Once the level begins, take your hand off the mouse, and begin by doing a mental look on the precious candy board, and then develop a game plan.

• It’s understandable that there are some instances that you can’t come up with a move right away. If you noticed, not making a move for few seconds, will result to sudden appearance of hints. Take time to think if the hint will help you in beating the candy board or not.

• There are some levels in Candy Crush that have Stone Squares. You can’t avoid these squares; instead, you have to open up them. How? Find a way in order to match the candies that are near the Stone Square. This move will lead to the opening and breaking of the Stone Square.

• Are the Jelly Squares stressing you out? Every time you encounter a Candy Crush level that include Jelly Squares, always remember that you have to expunge them first. Expunging the Jelly Squares is the same with eliminating Stone Squares. Match the nearby candies, and you’ll be amazed on how you can end the level by just making few moves.

• Having a hard time snagging Giant Candies? Once you see a striped candy and plastic wrapped candy, you have a match! It’s crucial for Candy Crush players to gather Giant Candies because they can possibly expunge the biggest amount of candy in the row, whether vertically or horizontally.

• Grab the opportunity once you see a T-shaped or L-shaped candy on the Candy Crush board. These candies will help you win a special candy, or a candy that has a plastic wrapper. You can use the special candies by combining them with candies of similar color, and eventually get rid of a large scale of candies.

• Majority of Candy Crush players want to have unlimited lives. Some say it’s impossible, but in reality it is possible. How can you have multiple lives? Simply modify the clock on your smartphone or laptop, and then return to the game. You’ll definitely redeem your lives.

With these effective tips, you’ll realize that Candy Crush is just a piece of cake.

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