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Make Your Life Easier at Level 97 through Candy Crush Saga Tips

Indeed, it is difficult to say that Candy Crush is the easiest online game to play. It’s like chess, wherein the players have to ponder upon every move that they’ll do. One wrong move can lead to failure. Well, this is what makes it so addicting. Among all its levels, level 97 is considered by [...]

Simplest Candy Crush Immortal Lives Cheat

I never really liked Facebook Games and Applications. I’ve hated, and even shamelessly ranted against the hundreds of Notifications I have received throughout the years. I felt bothered and disturbed whenever one of my friends would message me to ask for Poker Chips, or join them in Farmville, or Mafia Wars. One time I had [...]

Candy Crush Game Cheats: Dropping the Ingredients with Ease

There are several avid Candy Crush players, who will definitely agree, that among the most tedious stages in this game is the so-called Ingredient Drop Levels. Believe it or not, many get so frustrated once they reach such levels. The first Candy Crush stage that features the Ingredient Drop mechanism is level 11. Generally, Candy [...]

Beating the Candy Board through Effective Candy Crush Tips

Because of your addiction to Candy Crush, you want to make sure that you’ll surpass every level. This is the reason why you’re gathering Candy Crush tips and tricks, before you move on to the next level. Some of the tricks in Candy Crush will now be uncovered. Through these tips, rest assured that you’ll [...]

Ultimate Crushing Using Candy Crush Cheats

Games, games, games… So what’s the deal about the different Facebook game apps? It seems these apps leave a nostalgic effect among the Facebook users. If you don’t play even one Facebook app game, it seems like you’re an outcast. Nevertheless, the reactions projected have one meaning: Candy Crush is the most celebrated Facebook app [...]

Tasty Candy Crush Saga Secrets Right Before Your Very Eyes

There are a lot of game applications in Facebook, and even before, I never bothered trying any of them. And then there goes Candy Crush Saga. When it surfaced Facebook, I didn’t bother to play it right away, though I love the theme and colors. One day, I heard someone said, “Sweet!” After a few [...]

Sweet Candy Crush Moments through Candy Crush Tips

It’s funny to hear people make childish jokes about Candy Crush. Some say, “Candy Crush is an ordinary puzzle game.” Okay, let’s say Candy Crush is indeed a puzzle game, wherein you have to look for matches. Though its concept is quite similar with gem-matching games, each player of Candy Crush will definitely agree that [...]

Make Your Victory in Candy Crush Sweet!

It’s quite astonishing that Candy Crush gained a lot of fans. Well, though I’m just a newbie player, I can say that I’m already starting to show the early warning signs of a Candy-Crush-addict. In fact, no matter how tired I am from work, I make sure that I still have enough time to play [...]

Candy Cash

No More Ads for Candy Crush

King’s Candy Crush Saga is now being hailed by many as the most downloaded, most popular, and most addictive mobile game - ever. This puts Candy Crush among widely-recognized games such as Plants Vs Zombies, Angry Birds, and FarmVille 2. In fact, Candy Crush has become so popular that its makers has stopped relying on advertising [...]

Candy Crush Restaurant

Candy Crush Restaurant

First there were Candy Crush-inspired cakes. Then Nails of the Day came along. Then the official Candy Crush Saga socks. There’s really no denying that Candy Crush has now become a pop icon. But how popular is Candy Crush really? Popular enough to have its own restaurant. Netizens in Malaysia spotted Restoran Candy Crush which [...]