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The Most Adorable Candy Crush Cakes

It was only a matter of time before true blue Candy Crush aficionados immortalize their favorite game in just about everything. But what more appropriate homage than to create these delightful cake masterpieces? Here the best Candy Crush cakes that’s set to make you go:┬áTasty. I love how detailed this Candy Crush cake is. Just [...]

Candy Crush Candies

Know Your Candy Crush Candy

Unless you’ve been marooned on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere for the past months, then you’re probably one of the millions around the world who have swiped candies, hummed along to its sugary sweet background music, and cursed at jellies out loud (even in public) and have sworn never to touch chocolate [...]

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush IPO is Looking Sweet on Wall Street

Right at this moment, more than half of the population of Hong Kong are playing King’s Candy Crush. In the United Kingdom an estimated 66-million people are already hooked. While 25-million Facebook gamers are already passing out ticket request faster than chocolate infect candies. And maybe most of them are using Candy Crush cheats. The [...]

Candy Crush Chocolates

Candy Crush Cheats: Crushing Those Chocolates

So you’ve been cruising along the sweet sugary board of Candy Crush, right? Crushing candy after candy with ease? That is until you hit Level 51 The Minty Meadow. And suddenly, candy doesn’t taste so sweet anymore. You start questioning why you even started playing this game. You’ve made it your mission to find whoever [...]

Candy Crush Rehab

Are You A Candy Crush Addict?

Highly addictive. This is how most people describe King’s top mobile and cross-platform game Candy Crush. And as with most addictions, you are absolutely clueless as to how much of an addict you have become. That is until you are thousands of dollars in debt from swiping your credit card just to swipe candies. Or [...]

Candy Crush The Movie

Candy Crush The Movie Trailer

Although Candy Crush is beating record after records and even preparing to enter Wall Street, it’s far off to be the next big screen hit. But this fake Candy Crush trailer made by YouTube star nigahiga which is making the rounds on the Internet, is giving all Candy Crush addicts a sugar rush.

Candy Crush Confidential

Candy Crush Confidential: Game Secrets Revealed

It’s gameplay is simple: Swipe candies around, create candy combinations, and complete given tasks to clear the levels. Easy right? This is probably the reason why it has everyone hooked in its saccharine sweet grasp for hours. And by the time you’re reading this, there probably isn’t a person (unless they’ve been in some alternate [...]

Top 5 Candy Crush Cheats

Top 5 Candy Crush Cheats

Remember that kid who racked up a few dollars shy of USD $5,000 on his unsuspecting father’s credit card because of Candy Crush? Yes, that’s how much tempting those extra lives and boosters are. Now, you can also fork an astronomical amount on your credit card and be the next cautionary Candy Crush tale. Or [...]